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August 04, 2021

Save Money - Lower Your Operating Costs

  • Avoid High Steel Prices Increases
  • Rebuild & Hardface high wear parts for much less than buying new.

Why scrap a part when only 5% of it is worn? Rebuild it for a lower cost and hardface for a longer life.Rebuild it for a lower cost and hardface for a longer life

Tupes is your rebuild and hard face specialist. We know the proper alloy to use in the hard facing process to extend your parts service life, save cost and many times have a more durable surface than new.

The replacement cost of worn parts has literally gone out of sight in the last few years. Let' s evaluate the situation from a dollar and sense approach: The cost of expendable parts in any plant is amortized in tons of product processed, or the number of parts produced. This causes the cost of manufacturing to rise dramatically as the cost of replacement parts increase.

There is a solution.

Worn or out of balanced parts can be reclaimed to as good or better than new condition, at a much lower cost than replacement parts. The savings realized from rebuilding, hard facing, and rebalancing lowers manufacturing costs and increases profits. Also, the service after Rebuild & Hardfacelife of these same parts can be vastly increased through hard facing which reduces downtime resulting in increased productivity and profits.

Rebuilding may not be the total answer in every case, but they are an option that must be considered by every manager to control costs and maintain operating profits in these difficult times.

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